Say hello to GitHub minus busywork

With Gitya, your AI-powered GitHub assistant, spend less time on bug fixes and minor requests, and more time on high-impact engineering

Designed to supercharge your GitHub routine

Meet Gitya's feature set

GitHub App

Seamlessly integrates with your existing GitHub workflow


Leverages advanced AI to manage and automate minor tasks

PR Management

Streamlines pull request processes with automated reviews and responses

Ticket Automation

Simply label a ticket with 'gitya', and let our AI handle minor tasks swiftly

Why people love us

Gitya has been a game-changer for our team. We've cut down on the time spent on minor tasks and can now focus on bigger challenges. It feels like we've unlocked a new level of productivity.

Lee R.

Gitya has transformed the way we manage our GitHub workflow. Its AI-driven feature set is just what we needed to streamline our processes and save valuable time.

Ryan H.

We've tried many tools to enhance our GitHub experience, but Gitya outperforms them all. It's not just a tool; it's like adding an AI-powered team member who never sleeps.

Trenton K.

Gitya has significantly reduced our time on minor bug fixes and PR management. This efficiency has accelerated our project timelines and has been key to our recent success.

Yosef D.

As someone who spends a lot of time on GitHub, Gitya is like a breath of fresh air. It handles the grunt work, leaving me more time for problem-solving and innovation.

Ariya G.

Gitya? It's tremendous, folks, believe me. We've tried other tools, but nothing compares to Gitya. It's the best, the absolute best. It's making GitHub great again, that I can tell you!

Kyla P.

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